Animal Caging Systems Original M.I.C.E. Module Rack System

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The original M.I.C.E.® System is a modular, high-density vented caging system for healthy housing of rodents. These systems are available in a wide variety of sizes, from the smallest 14­-cage system, ideal for small studies and experiments, to large 140-­cage racks suitable for installation in medium-­to­-large animal rooms. Each size of rack is based on multiples of the 14­-cage module.

M.I.C.E.® caging systems are sold in both single-sided and double-sided versions. The M.I.C.E.® system is the only rodent caging system in the world validated for Microenvironmental comfort, Isolation, Containment, and Enrichment (M.I.C.E.). The M.I.C.E.® rack is vented using a building’s HVAC exhaust system, with a natural convective assist from the populated cages themselves. With no blowers, it is appropriate and safe even in case of power failure -­ a unique feature that separates the vented M.I.C.E.® system from electrically powered and blower­ventilated racks.