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New! Benchmark CO2 Incubators

Check out the new ST Series of CO2 Incubators

With the popularity of our recently added SureTemp™Incubators, Benchmark has expanded our offering to include a new series of incubators offering CO2 control.  The ST-Series of CO2 incubators (consisting of the ST-45 and ST-180) utilize proprietary heat distribution technology to provide the highest levels of temperature accuracy with minimal fluctuation (within 0.1°C).The ST-PLUS Series, provide the same level of precision control, but with additional, premium features:

– Digital, precise control of relative humidity (up to 95%)
– High heat decontamination (8 hours at 125C)
– Split inner-door, for access to samples without full chamber exposure

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Mopec has body bags shipping fast

Thousands of Body Bags Being Produced Daily! Mopec has secured increased production of standard duty and heavy duty body bags to respond to the nationwide shortage due to COVID-19.

We are focusing on getting these bags made as fast as possible using multiple manufacturers across the US. We are opening up plants that were closed because they were not medically necessary in bringing people back to work who need it. See our press release here:

Jeff Pemberton – VP of Marketing & Consumable Products | Mopec