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Helmer Countertop Refrigerator. Compact and quite. Solid-state thermoelectric technology


Compact Countertop Refrigerator with True Medical-grade Performance
Maintaining the highest levels of patient care and safety is your priority. For critical temperature controlled storage, Helmer Scientific is the company you can trust.
Optimized for smaller spaces, our countertop refrigerator is designed to safeguard critical and expensive medications, vaccines, reagents, or samples with true medical-grade performance. Temperature uniformity is consistently maintained throughout the unit offering peace of mind. The MLR102 is designed for patient point-of-care and staff work areas where minimal noise, heat and footprint provide desirable benefits

Innovation in Action

Powered by AdvanceCoreTM Refrigeration System

The Helmer Scientific MLR102 countertop refrigerator uses AdvanceCoreTM technology to efficiently create a uniformly cold internal chamber through the use of solid-state thermoelectric technology.



Helmer Scientific

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Helmer Scientific is an established, entrepreneurial, growth company headquartered in Noblesville, Indiana. We design, integrate, manufacture, market, and distribute specialized medical and laboratory equipment to clinical and life science customers in over 125 countries.

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