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Helmer -86°C Ultra-Low Freezers

-86°C ultra-low temperature freezer.



The Helmer Ulta-Low Freezers are single door, -86°C ultra-low temperature freezer designed and developed to create a refined system that works together, providing optimized performance for the storage of samples, reagents, controls, tissue, rare blood, and other biological materials. Focusing on frost reduction, oil management, security, intelligent information, and diagnostic data supports our conviction that How It’s Made Matters.

  • Unique Heat Barrier System™ keeps heat out and reduces frost. Includes four levels of containment: fortified outer door with multi-bulb gaskets, insulated and reinforced inner door with dual-blade gaskets, hot gas loop and advanced composite panels in cabinet frame, and premium insulation.
  • Custom cascade refrigeration system designed to provide maximum heat exchange and optimize oil management.
  • Innovative i.C3® Information Center provides intelligent diagnostic information and temperature data, while providing security features to keep information safe.
  • Guardian Plus™ Access Control ensures product integrity.
  • Rel.i™ warranty includes 5 years compressor, 2 years parts, and 2 years labor
  • Available in 4 sizes (cu, ft): 16, 18, 24, 26

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Helmer Scientific

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Helmer Scientific is an established, entrepreneurial, growth company headquartered in Noblesville, Indiana. We design, integrate, manufacture, market, and distribute specialized medical and laboratory equipment to clinical and life science customers in over 125 countries.

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Weight 701 lbs
Capacity cu/ft, Liters

16 (435 L), 18 (435 L), 24 (435 L), 26 (435 L)